How Mike Doyle shaped The AirBnB For College Football Fans

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In the last episode, RNG36, we had Matt Miller, the CEO and founder of School Spirit Vending,  a company that specialises in providing sticker vending machines to schools in order for them to raise funds.


of Rise and Grind, episode 37, we chat with Mike Doyle, the CEO and founder of Rent Like a Champion, an online vacation rental service geared to football fans.

Mike Doyle Rent Like a Champion

Mike Doyle

Rent Like A Champion started in 2006 as a student housing company. The original founders (Drew, Derrick, and Jordan) listed a vacant apartment on Craigslist and eBay, offering it as a weekend rental for football games. That was an instant success, RLAC had stumbled onto a new business model.

In 2010, Mike Doyle joined the company and began expanding the business to other college towns with major football programs. Early success proved that Rent Like A Champion could be successful worldwide, Rent Like A Champion is now offering weekend rentals in more than 20 college towns around the country.

In 2015 Mike and Drew (one of the co-founders) went to Shark Tank and they got a deal from two of best tech investors in the world Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca.

In 2016 Rent Like a Champion expects to reach $5 million in total bookings and their future plans include becoming the rental solution for every kind of event not only for college football events.


  • How a great business idea can be born by chance
  • The importance of selling your business face-to-face not only online or by phone
  • How going too fast can be detrimental to your business
  • How to start a business in a very specific target market




Favorite Business Book: The Hard Things about Hard Things
Favorite online tool: Evernote, Trello and Followupthen
Someone successful you follow and admire: Elon Musk
What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?:
“Things don’t happen overnight. Things take time to work.”
Motivational quote?: The man in the arena speech from Theodore Roosevelt

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